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*pat and i working at little skips
gesea asked:

hey man you're beautiful and so is your photography. it's really refreshing to see someone with the courage to follow their dreams and i fully support it. my question is, do you feel like you had to sacrifice things in other aspects of your life in order to follow your dreams?

all the damn time! mostly food and sleep. I’m still living though so it’s all good :) 

thanks for the love 

thefropharaoh asked:

I first want to began by saying that I love your work and the passion that you have for what you do. I visited your website and saw that you studied social work along with digital media, I'm just wondering what urged you to pursue a career in photography vs social work, how did you end up in New York and when did you know you had a passion for photography?

thank you so much i really appreciate that. although i love sociology, social work has always been a byproduct to some other aspect of my life. in college I played basketball and decided to study social work because I felt like it worked hand in hand since I loved working with kids. now that my photography deals a lot with humanity, social experience, and the human condition my foundation of social work is still evident in my work. photography happened to be the medium that choose me and now that’s what i do, it’s where I’m most alive and have my true voice. 

that being said, i don’t want to take anything away from people that work in the social work field. their work is just as important.

i knew I had some kind of interest in photography during my last year of undergrad, in 2010. i decided to do a year of grad school in nyc just so i could move to the city. not the cheapest way to do it, but what else was a broke college grad supposed to do!?

blogthevibe asked:

hey andre i feel like i always need a update from you, like where are you at this point in your life. After " Life as you see it" and Traveling to paris. i also know you lost your job. i dont mean to be noise but your story is so interesting to me and i really look up to you and your photography i just want an update :)

Hey Greg, no worries at all and thanks for helping me stay candid. For the people that have been following my work for a while know that I’ve always used this blog to share parts of me and to be open about my story. 

Back in June I was laid off from my photography job and I’ve committed to working for myself full time ever sense. I’m so thankful for the job and experience that I got in those 3 years. I found out a lot about myself, learned what I did and didn’t like about photography, realized what I truly wanted to do, and most importantly understood that I can do whatever it is that I set my mind to. I’ve been wanting to make the jump for a while now but didn’t have a real way of preparing for such a thing. 

I moved to NY in January of 2011 and have manifested so much since then, personally and photographically. The archive of this blog proves that. So to answer your question about where I am at this point in my life.. I’m exactly where I want to be! 

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home developing. #filmphotography
I spent 7 days in Chicago shooting and wondering around aimlessly, just as I like it. always looking for some greater meaning out of ordinary life and ordinary people. my last day happened to feel like the best day, great energy from the streets, so much love from the Jackie Robison West parade (a great win for this city), beautiful light and great weather. I’m convinced that great work only comes to those who push through the hard times, to those who don’t take days off, and to those who believe in the dark hours. you can’t just pay your true love and craft a visit.. you have to live it, breath it, and eat it. keep going my friends..    photo by @evadeitch Chicago, 2014
andy, long island 2014
andy, long island 2014