untitled, nola september 2014
I got an enlarger and started to print photos last week. got a light box to view negatives this week. got some glass from my lab and will begin to make contact sheets today. I’m looking forward to the changes in my process
new orleans
Untitled, Paris 2014 gelatin silver print 8” X 10” *from an upcoming journal project #ThePurist
untitled, Copenhagen 2014 gelatin-silver print 5” x 7” (*image from an upcoming project).           I’m pretty proud and excited to be processing all of my film and prints in my home studio. I spend enough enough time behind a computer doing work so I’m looking forward to spending more time in the darkroom and using my hands. it’s not about analog being better than digital, for me it’s about knowing my craft and pushing myself to make my best work. in the end that’s all that really matters, we are only left with the work…
I’ve been wanting to start printing my own black/white images for a while now. A week ago I got lucky and got an enlarger from a lady moving out of her brooklyn studio, thanks to @beewalker_.   I’m super excited to be experimenting with my bathroom darkroom. I made this image in London some months back #filmisnotdead
untitled, nyc 2014
untitled, brooklyn 2014
untitled, chicago 2014
*des & trash in chicago