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Emerging Man 

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If I were alive on August 25th in 1952, I’m sure I would have been running to the newsstand, ready to purchase a copy of LIFE Magazine featuring Gordon Parks. Gordon Parks has not only inspired me but has changed my perspective on life in and outside of photography. He knew the importance of growing as an individual was in direct proportion to finding the guiding light of art and love.

Parks knew all to well the reality of not being exposed to the culture of arts, and struggled during his early years to feed his hunger for photography. And because of this, I’ve decided for the first time to give away a couple limited edition film prints from my Emerging Man personal project. Though Gordon Parks titled his piece #EmergingMan, I believe this story applies to both men and women—anyone willing to appreciate the beautiful struggle.

There will only be two limited edition prints available (one person from the US and one person from overseas), in order to enter the contest you will have to email me your photo by Friday, Aug 17th at 12:00 PM EST. In the email you should include your own picture depicting what you translate #EmergingMan to mean. I will choose the winners and post the winning photos on my blog. 

Friday the 17th will be the release of my project, Emerging Man

Your email format should be as follows…  

To: info@abstractElements.com

Subject: Emerging Man Photo Contest / Your Name / Your Location

Body: Photo 


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