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untitled, bushwick 2012

*I need your votes for a photo contest!! Aperture has teamed up with Exposure Me 2013 for a photography contest. You can view some new work and my profile here. Please take the time out to vote and spread the word. 

I’ve been working hard on some fun projects that have been forcing me to soul search and continue to dig deeper into the craft of photography. I’m really excited about it all and continue to be fulfilled knowing that I am creating genuine work that continues to help me understand myself as a person and artist. In mid April my first photo book titled ‘Black Boys’ will be released. Limited to just 50 copies worldwide, more into coming soon about this. Sometime in the next couple months I’ll also be launching a new site with almost all new work. And daily I continue to do my best to make this year count with a 365 self-portrait project. I’m not sure where I’m going with all of this but all your comments, messages, tweets, emails, and support has definitely helped. You better keep going hard because I don’t plan on stopping! 

with love 

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