Help me spread the word about my campaign! I’ll be showing work in Paris on June 13th. Traveling overseas for my first time. Shooting tons of film. Everyone that donates enters a poll to win a large signed and numbered print. Every bit counts!! you’re in the London/Paris area please reach out. Would love to meet you on my travels. #AndreTravelsToParis
graphics by Patrick
hey everyone! 
i have an awesome opportunity to showcase a selection of images from the LIFE AS I SEE IT series in Paris. L’epicerie is hosting a Brooklyn themed block party on June 13th. I would love your support in helping me raise the funds for my flight and film. You can check out more information about the campaign here. 
*ATTENTION! Chosen at random, all donators will be put in a pool where one lucky person is selected for a large framed signed and numbered print from the series LIFE AS I SEE IT (
Flyer by Patrick

self-portrait, 2013
under developed

back when i was in college my introduction to photography was a b/w film class. personally, i didn’t think the course offered enough credits for how much work i had to put in the class. so much time was spent shooting and being in the darkroom. i would have never guess that 6 years down the road i would be returning to the same process. this time around it almost seems a bit more frustrating because i don’t have a professor to turn to and ask questions, but that’s why the internet is beautiful. with trial & error, research, and the help of friends i’m going to keep attempting to perfect my craft..

the next couple post will be images from underdeveloped film. i like some of the images so i decided to share anyway, they are photos that i took at the west indian day parade here in brooklyn 

josh woll, photographer - 2013
untitled, nyc 2013