LIFE AS I SEE IT - photography by Andre Wagner
NYC Solo Show - May 27th - June 1st 2014- curated by fewofmany
Artist Reception May 29th, 6pm-11pm 
*Come by if you’re in NY and let me know what you think of the show!
365 and beyond

what a journey.. i don’t even really know where to begin. when i first began to take self-portraits i just thought it would be something fun and challenging to do, i didn’t really think much about it. early in the process it began to take on a life of it’s own. i didn’t want to create the same image everyday so I began to look at my days with a whole new light, which ultimately helped me look at myself in ways that I never had before. the project manifested to being a study of myself and a search to finding out what it means to be me and what it’s like to live here. it taught me to have a camera on me at all times, which helped me with my street photography. it challenged me to be vulnerable and to take risk, and that’s how i began to use all analog cameras and process my own b/w film. along with that came writing everyday, because i would have to note where and when the images were taken and the setting used to make the image. 

i didn’t make it through the entire 365 days but i’m so proud of the body of work that i did make. more importantly i’m happy with what i learned and what i’ll take away from it. i can honestly say i’ve grown so much from it and i’m excited about photography/life more than ever. photographing myself naked helped me evolve like none other. it helped me break out and accept myself for who i am, physically, mentally, and creatively. it feels good to not look for acceptance from the outside world, but to create out of the framework of who i am, straight from the core. once i got to that point, nothing really mattered and it transcended tremendously throughout my 365 and beyond. 

for me, photography is about an experience and a process. in particular i’m interested in the transformation of form and light and the problem that it creates to evoke a feeling. photography has simply freed me, and it’s the best feeling ever. 

Photo Assistant Needed

After much consideration and thought, I have now come to the point where I’m in need of an assistant for upcoming shoots and projects. abstractElements is my passion, therefore having an assistant come along is definitely a serious decision for me. 

This opportunity will be more than just assisting; I want it to be educational and to really teach someone what I have to offer along the way. 

Candidates should have great interest in photography and highly creative. Must be detail-oriented and flexible. 

If you’re interested and in the NYC area please send over your resume and portfolio link to with the subject line ASSISTANT INQUIRY no later than November 25th. 

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