*decided to ride across the brooklyn bridge the other day, i always catch the sunset on my way home.. its definitely a beautiful view 
nohands / eric
track stand
ninja and i 
*ever since i was a shorty running around neighborhoods i always had this fascination about bikes. i’m sure we all have childhood memories of bmx bikes, riding on pegs, parents telling us to turn off the water cause we are using too much trying to clean off our bikes. living in ny i realized that it’s pretty biker friendly (minus the cabs) so it only made sense for me to start biking again, this time its a little different… weaving in and out of traffic, climbing the williamsburg bridge hill everyday and trying to miss all of the potholes in bk. i’m sure as i continue to get more comfortable riding fixed ill start shooting the city from my hip, the view is so much better than being in subway. i’ve been riding for about 3 weeks and now its day 3 of riding fixed. i’m excited to see what will become of it all, let the magic begin..