open call for subjects

i’m always looking for new subjects to work with & i’m also working on a portrait project and would love to get some new faces in front of me. just looking for people who are interesting and open minded. if you’re in the new york area and interested, email with some images of yourself. spread the word! 

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Photo Assistant Needed

After much consideration and thought, I have now come to the point where I’m in need of an assistant for upcoming shoots and projects. abstractElements is my passion, therefore having an assistant come along is definitely a serious decision for me. 

This opportunity will be more than just assisting; I want it to be educational and to really teach someone what I have to offer along the way. 

Candidates should have great interest in photography and highly creative. Must be detail-oriented and flexible. 

If you’re interested and in the NYC area please send over your resume and portfolio link to with the subject line ASSISTANT INQUIRY no later than November 25th. 

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me today, self portrait 10/9/12
*it takes a long time for a person to look like their portrait. i’ve been using myself as a subject, trying to get it out of me so that i can get it out of others. whatever it is.. 
Photo Contest / win a free print
Ending Friday Night 
There will only be two limited edition prints available (one person from the US and one person from overseas), in order to enter the contest you will have to email me your photo by Friday, Aug 17th at 12:00 PM EST. In the email you should include your own picture depicting what you translate #EmergingMan to mean. 
Your email format should be as follows…  
Subject: Emerging Man Photo Contest / Your Name / Your Location
Body: Photo 

good morning / brooklyn, ny
the voice & the eye | abstractElements | love & create 
Much love to the folks over at The Factory 2.0. I’m super excited to create some great content with the team. 
In the meantime check out Route 26 if you haven’t had a chance to see the spread. 


We are so excited to work again with the one and only Andre Wagner. The Factory has been brewing some great ideas for our July Shoot.
Love You Andre!