rog, 2013
untitled, nyc 2013
untitled - nyc, 2013
untitled - brooklyn, 2013
untitled, brooklyn 2013
untitled, nyc 2013
chevon, 2013
under developed

back when i was in college my introduction to photography was a b/w film class. personally, i didn’t think the course offered enough credits for how much work i had to put in the class. so much time was spent shooting and being in the darkroom. i would have never guess that 6 years down the road i would be returning to the same process. this time around it almost seems a bit more frustrating because i don’t have a professor to turn to and ask questions, but that’s why the internet is beautiful. with trial & error, research, and the help of friends i’m going to keep attempting to perfect my craft..

the next couple post will be images from underdeveloped film. i like some of the images so i decided to share anyway, they are photos that i took at the west indian day parade here in brooklyn