35mm / art is my weapon 
love & create 
art is my weapon / love & create
turn on the news any given day and you’ll hear about another incident, another killing, and another tragedy that devastated the lives of countless families. I wake up to the sight of the american flag everyday, and envision myself as a soldier, fighting to help others through my work. I can only hope that one day people will see that there is no greater weapon than art and love.  
joe / homecoming 
* was a pleasure shooting next to joe martinez at the the strivers row show. make sure you check him out, he’s a really awesome photographer 
reflections / ohio 
*last week i went to ohio for an amazing two day fashion shoot. from shooting on dirt roads, sunflower fields, and riding on horses, it was truly a great time. i got some behind the scene shots ill share but keep a lookout for more to come. 
warming up 
*film is how i began shooting, it feels good getting back into it.
*masha for @a7nyc 
@A7NYC (J.Kissi)
*new A7 camera accessories are out today, make sure you stop by here to check it out. quality gear from great folks.